Water Supply

Providing safe & health water is one of the major function of WASA Faisalabad. Unfortunately, the ground water of the city Faisalabad is quite saline, hence, not acceptable for human intake. A limited quantity of potable water is accessible to the citizens from different scarce resources. In the absenteeism of proper sweet water sources, the WASA Faisalabad has to pump and bring the sweet water from the city district (Chiniot) where ample quantity of drinking water is available. At the moment, WASA Faisalabad draws about 56 Million Gallons Per Day (MGD) water mainly from Chiniot Well-Field Area located near Chenab River through 29 tube wells. The aforesaid site is located 27KM from the terminal reservoir. Another sweet water source is positioned at a distance of nearby 13KM from terminal reservoir at Jhang Branch Canal which provides 20 MGD through 25 tube wells installed at Jhang branch Well-Field area. In addition to this, about 8 MGD water is being served to the city through 8 tube wells installed at Rakh Branch Canal which passes through the city. Moreover, around 4.5 MGD water is produced through the surface water treatment at “Jhal Khanuana Water Works” and “Millat Town Water Works”. These numerals shows that around 88.5 MGD water is produced by the WASA Faisalabad from different resources for its further provision to the citizen/consumers.

WASA Faisalabad chronicles shows that about 1, 10, 000 domestic connections, 2, 348 commercials and 92 Industrial connections are registered with the WASA Faisalabad. In addition to this, 443 industrial connections are listed with the WASA Faisalabad as aquifer connections.

In order to provide superior water to the citizens of Faisalabad, WASA Faisalabad has established fully equipped Laboratory. The water quality is being monitored by samples taken from the main sources as well as consumer’s point as per World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

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