Citizen Liaison Cell WASA Faisalabad

Citizen Liaison Cell

Citizen Liaison Cell (CLC)

MD WASA Faisalabad

O ne of the main reasons of inequality as realized is the communication gap between WASA-F and beneficiaries. To overcome this gap, within WASA-F an exclusive unit named as “Citizen Liaison Cell” to undertake leading community initiatives has been established with the logistical support of Urban Unit. This is a first and special initiative by WASA-F among all WSS utilities across country. The Cell is working with five full time employees, about ten dedicated technical officials from existing WASA’s strength and two full time dedicated technical staff members from the Urban Unit with technical assistance of WSP, The Urban Unit and P-WON. The CLC was officially launched and inaugurated by Ms. Rosemary Rop, Water and Sanitation Specialist (Social Accountability), WSP-Africa during an Inaugural Ceremony held on 22nd April 2013 in CLC office of WASA-F


To ensure that un-served population in F-WASA responsible area have access to clean drinking water and sewerage facilities at affordable cost.


Promote concepts of civic engagements to bridge the gap between citizens and F-WASA through active participation of community.

Our Objectives

Policy and Strategy

Develop a “policy” and “strategy” of F-WASA to extend water and sewerage services to uncovered population of F-WASA.

Socio-Economic Profile and GIS Mapping

Prepare a comprehensive Socio-Economic Profile and GIS mapping of formal & informal settlements in collaboration with partners.

Identify Barriers

Identify legal/institutional/technical/social barriers to investing in formal & informal settlements and suggest sustainable solutions.

Community Consultations

Conduct Community consultations through participatory and gender responsive techniques on “Community Component Sharing Model”.

Voice of Citizens

To enhance the voice of citizens of Faisalabad in planning and implementing processes of F-WASA.

Establish Partnerships

Establish partnerships with CSOs/stakeholders working in Faisalabad (formal & informal settlements) in water and sanitation sector for harmony and targeted interventions.

CLC Partners

Water and Sanitation Agency Faisalabad
The Urban Unit
Water and Sanitation Program The World Bank
Pakistan Water Operator Network