Sewerage and Drainage

FFaisalabad city is situated on flat topography which does not allow disposal of sewage and storm water from the city through gravity flow. For this purpose, multistage pumping is frequently performed by the WASA Faisalabad for eventual disposal of the waste water that is quite expensive and challenging. The city Faisalabad is divided into two zone (Western and Eastern). The North Western area is drained towards Paharang Drain which eventually discharges into River Chenab. The east area of the canal slops towards the South-East and drains into the Madhuana Drain which discharges into the Ravi River. The WASA Faisalabad has built Waste Water Treatment Plant functioning proficiently. The total capacity of waste water treatment plant is approximately 20 MGD.

The WASA Faisalabad annals revealed that around 72% population of city Faisalabad (2.23 million population) is served through 34 functional disposal stations located across the city. The length of sewerage network of WASA Faisalabad is around 1711KM which is connected with abovementioned 34 disposal stations which are further linked with the four main channels for final disposal of waste water. The length of these main channels is 62KM.

The Faisalabad city generates approximately 280 MGD sewage water. The WASA Faisalabad record shows that about 1, 27,972 domestic connections, 18808 commercials and 904 Industrial Connections are registered as sewer connections with the WASA Faisalabad.

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