JICA in WASA Faisalabad

For more than half a century, JICA has been the executing agency of internal cooperation. To deepen the partnerships with developing countries and contribute to international stability, Japan has provided Official Development Assistance (ODA) to developing countries for more than half a century. As the organization in charge of administering ODA, JICA has helped foster human resources, technology transfer and infrastructure development in different countries through technical cooperation, ODA loans and grant aid based on bilateral assistance.

The JICA activities have been praised highly for their success in promoting sustainable economic growth for many countries in Asia and across the globe. JICA has forged close relationships with the governments of industrialized countries and international aid organizations aimed at achieving the millennium development goals (MDGs) and resolving global issues such as climate change.

In accordance with its vision of “Inclusive and Dynamic Development,” JICA supports the resolution of issues of developing countries by using the most suitable tools of various assistance methods and a combined regional-, country- and issue-oriented approach.

The following are the major areas improving with the assistance of JICA:

  • JICA Managerial Improvement Model within WASA Faisalabad;
  • Business Plan for WASA Faisalabad;
  • Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage regulations;
  • Operational guidelines for Customer Relations Centre and Customer Charter;
  • Road map and operational guidelines for tariff revision;

For More Details about the JICA in Pakistan, please visit JICA Pakistan Website