The City Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the third leading city of Pakistan and second in province Punjab. The City has grown rapidly from a population of 70,000 in 1947 to presently about 3.2 million. The River Chenab flows about 30KM to the North West while River Ravi is about 40KM to the South East. The quality of Faisalabad’s ground water except some localities near Rakh Branch Canal, is quite saline and not fit for human consumption. The city was first provided potable water in 1903 and the water works were augmented over the years, including supply of filtered water in 1939. During 1960, a partial sewerage system was introduced to provide facilities to around 0.2 million population. Up to 1978, the Faisalabad Municipal Corporation (FMC) operated the water supply and sewerage system in Faisalabad.

Water and Sanitation Agency, commonly known as WASA, subsidiary of Faisalabad Development Authority, (FDA) was established on April 23, 1978 under the Development of Cities Act 1976 with a view to providing and catering for the services with regard to Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage. The WASA Faisalabad is administratively aligned to “Housing Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department (HUD&PHED)” of the Government of Punjab. Presently, total service area of WASA Faisalabad is 225 sq. km that includes 113 urban union councils of four towns with total registered consumers 2, 60,000. It is estimated that WASA provides about 72% of the city with sewerage services and about 60% with water services.

The Vision

To be an extraordinary service provider for the citizens of Faisalabad and thereafter to be the Centre of excellence in water sector of the country.

The Mission

To make our customers feel welcome, appreciated, and worthy of our best efforts in everything we do for providing water supply, sewerage and drainage services.

WASA Faisalabad - Directorates

Since its formation, the WASA Faisalabad has grown to a significant agency with eleven Directorates for functions of the agency. These directorates primarily include Planning and Design, Construction, Water Resources, Revenue & Recovery, Administration, Operation and Maintenance, Finance, Drainage and Waste Water Management. For the accomplishment of diverse assignments, around 2,200 personnel are working in 11 aforesaid Directorates.


  • Single wastewater treatment plant in Punjab.
  • Commencement of Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme called Changa Paani Program consisting of 100 percent metering and 24x7 water supplies to be maintained by WASCO (the public based organization).
  • Digitization of utility mapping in GIS
  • Centralized complaint monitoring / management system.
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