Water And Sanitation Agency Faisalabad  








    Objectives of Finance Directorate

  • It will upgrade Knowledge that our management can depend and will add value to WASA.
  • It will provide exceptional qualitative and innovative responsive services.
  • It will provide Cost-efficient and Cost-effective solutions
  • It will report financial position of WASA under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and applicable rules and regulations.
  • It will be benchmark of principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.

         Functions of Finance Directorate

  •   Creates & maintains an effective Financial Management System

  •   Responsible for directing, guiding & controlling the financial and accounting affairs

  •   Establishes and maintains a system of internal controls & checks governing the allocation and use of

          funds, implements & manages the funds of the Agency

  •   Responsible for negotiations with financial institutions & agencies for arranging loan, borrowings,

          overdrafts and advances required by WASA

  •   Approves all financing agreements with bankers

  •   Ensures that all collections & payments are properly recorded, handled & accounted

  •   Coordinates & implements approved integrated short & long plans & budgets of the Agency

  •   Determines the financial resources required to meet operating programs of the Agency

  •   Establishes standards of presentation of financial statements

  •   Ensures monthly, quarterly, bi-annual annual financial statements and prepares brief analytical

         reports on such statements. Directs proper maintenance of up-to-date statistical data & recorded

         water sewerage connections, operating cost, overheads, and inventories.


WASA Budget 2013-14